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S&F Electronics Battery Laptop HP Compaq HPCQ40Y23 black
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Battery Laptop HP Compaq HPCQ40Y23 black
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Product Name Battery Laptop HP Compaq HPCQ40Y23 black
Product Code 3982
Price 33,60 € (VAT included)
Usually available in 5-12 days
Condition New
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Battery Laptop HP Compaq HPCQ40Y23 black. Resale retail and wholesale of spare parts and Accessories for Mobile Phones, Consoles Cameras and GPS.

We would like to remind customers that the replacement of products due to malfunctions is possible only if the object is first tested and not assembled. Replacements will not be allowed if parts have been welded or if glues are applied. Furthermore, the object must be returned with all its accessories (films, adhesives, etc.)

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The picture does not represent any kind of contractual commitment. It is only shown for exemplary purposes.

The article in question is a QC Passed product. Therefore, S&F International srl shall issue the warranty on the product as regulated by Legislative Decree 206/05 regarding consumer rights.


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